Middleman Productions strives for client satisfaction by providing the entertainment industry and private sector a wide range of production and support services in order to ease production coordination by utilizing The Middleman Network.  Middleman Productions is the go-to company for film, recording, and private sector events. 

mid_dle_man:  a person who acts as an intermediary, a go-between, a person who plays an economic role intermediate between producer and retailer or consumer.

Middleman Productions is one-stop shopping for anyone planning to film, record, or plan a private sector event.  

The Middleman Network includes twenty-six states with services from production assistants, lighting equipment, catering, production managers, location housing, dentists, casting agencies, post-production houses, AVID editors, recording engineers, music producers, dance studios, and actors just to name a few.

Middleman Productions is the go-to company for the entertainment industry.  When Middleman is contacted to provide services, members of The Middleman Network will be contacted to fulfill the need of the production or event.  Middleman is a national company with representatives in Louisiana, Los Angeles, Nashville, and New York City.  If you are a company or freelancer that would like to join the Middleman Productions Network please visit the section titled, Join The Network.

This Middleman Network will be in the hands of ABC, CBS, MTV, Vh1, NBC, Paramount Pictures, Universal, Colin Cowie, Warner Brothers, Fox, Spike TV, Inside Edition, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, CMT, Logo, Sony Pictures, and many more.

Join The Middleman Network and allow Middleman to promote you and your company so you can spend less time marketing and more time perfecting your business!